NRA Certified Instructors

  Greenlee Tactical Firearms Institute 

"It's  All About Attitude"

Concealed Handgun License CCW-1st Sat, 3rd Sun & as needed Monthly "Ladies Only" CCW

ON-LINE CCW $49.99   save $5 using promo HG1001

this 6 hour on line class meets requirements for CLASSROOM TIME, you will need to schedule your 2 HOUR Range Time with instructor $25 @ GTFI 740-385-1028


RSO  Classes 4th Saturday & as needed

Basic Rifle 2nd weekend Sat 8-5 & Sun 9-2 & as needed

Personal Protection in the Home- 3rd Sat "ONLY" min 4 students

Refuse To Be A Victim 1st Sunday noon-4pm


Greenlee Tactical Firearms Institute  Endorses the following businesses & orgs.


GOLD'N Gun Owners Legal Defense Network is a non-profit org that provides unlimited legal defense for $100 a year , they have been a great resource

Buckeye Firearms- Defending OH gun rights, armed Teacher training  Federal Licensed Firearms Warehouse, Jumping Branch WV offers discounts to Vets, Leos, Medics & Firefighters Ironton OH selling ALL firearms @ $25 over cost  maker of "Wall Holster" the best pistol safety locking device I own , keep it handy & secure in you home or vehicle  Wayne National Forest ATV trail access, good people, GREAT food,  sponsor of Greenlee Tactical Firearms courses  Optimize the accuracy of your firearms with natural products developed & produced in the USA

T's Spinner targets,  custom designs available

eagle med wt. pistol spinner $75
extra heavy rifle spinner target $125
med wt .pistol spinner $85

Targets pictured are examples  *shipping not included. 

Please e-mail inquiry as to currently available targets [email protected]


For custom orders please ORDER EARLY 

First  e-mail  [email protected]  picture and dimensions of custom targets for a price quote. Then submit actual size template with your custom target order deposit.