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"It's  All About Attitude"

About Us

Greenlee Tactical Firearms Institute,  provides Quality Firearms Dicipline Training services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction – we will do everything we can to meet your expectations. We 're sure you’ll be happy working with us. If you have comments or questions, please feel free to contact us.  More NRA disciplines soon to come!

At greenlee Tactical Firearmswe have a  Total Participant Involvement (TPI) approach to shooting & training. We believe in setting a positive example for others to model. We know that students learn best following the philosophy "Hear-See-Do". This building block approach to training allows students to HEAR what they are going to do, SEE what they are going to do, then do what was explained & demonstrated. We use our experience & training to help shooters understand what it takes to succeed on the range & in the real world . We believe that skill development is an important overall goal in firearms training. A shooter that understands how to self-diagnose marksmanship & tactical errors has begun the journey to developing a true understanding of all fundamentals. We allow shooters the opportunity to self-correct mistakes, leading to a rapid improvement in their KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, ABILITIES & ATTITUDE.

Our goal is to promote a Safe, Comfortable & Challenging training environment that allows our students to develop their skills, while developing an understanding of what it takes to be a successful & responsible firearms marksman.




 NRA Basic Pistol Instructor (CHL/CCW)

James is a lifelong hunter, 5+years USPSA handgun/multi-gun competition shooter. Owner Operator of Greenlee Trucking LLC, Certified sky diver, member NRA. James has a wife and 2 young children and believes that shooting and correct use of firearms should be a  "Family Event"


Rowdy Greenlee

Master Survival Instructor

Employed at Crown Cork & Seal, Eagle Scout, life time multi discipline shooter & hunter


NRA Chief Range Safety Officer

NRA Refuse to be a Victim Instructor

NRA Rifle Instructor

NRA Range Safety Officer Instructor

NRA Basic Pistol Instructor (CHL/CCW)

NRA personal Protection Instructor

Advanced Survival Instructor

NRA White Tail Deer Hunting clinic instructor

NRA Wild Turkey Hunting clinic instructor

NRA Eddie Eagle Instructor

Women on Target Event Instructor

Over 50 years pistol shooting experience,  multi discipline shooter & hunter, BSA 20+ years, OA, Rifle & survival Merit Badge Counselor. Past cub/scoutmaster, district chair. wood badge. 4-H and GSA leader, NWTF Women In The Outdoors instructor. Granny Greenlee Day Care OH licensed  child care provider . Member NRA, C.E.R.T. Red Cross, M.R.C.


Guest Instructors: 

Mike Phillips- CCW/CHL, Advanced Survival Instructor

Evan Phillips- Advanced Survival Instructor

Kevin Neal- CCW/CHL

Appalachia Greenlee RSO apprentice

Toby Bullock- Eddie Eagle Fairfield County & surrounding